Marxist World Issue 3 (Spring 2017)


Issue 3 of Marxist World journal includes the following articles:
Editorial Introduction, Aneurin Delmas
Defeating Corbyn: This Party is Just Getting Started, Victor Conti
Honda Workers Strike Against Imperialist Super-Exploitation in India, Ajachi Chakrabarti
Refugee Crisis One Year On: The End of the German Illusion, Sebastian Vargas
Centenary of Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism:A Reply to Pete Glover, Steve Dobbs
The Housing Struggle, Dennis Moore
Dialogues among Student Movements in Indian Universities, Barnamala Roy and Soumabrata Chatterjee
Beyond Brexit (revised), Bruce Wallace
From the Archives: The Predecessors of Labour – The Role of the Social Democratic Federation, Militant, with an introduction by Dominic Smith
The Meaning of Trump, Aneurin Delmas

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