By Steve Dobbs

Labour’s solid result last week has sent the ruling class, the establishment and their supporters into turmoil. How could this happen, they all shriek? ‘Good evening. I know nothing. We, the media, the experts, the pundits, know nothing’ said news presenter Jon Snow. Anyone with any connection to workers and young people knew the writing was on the wall.

All those who had their knives out for Jeremy Corbyn literally days before Election Day are suddenly eating humble pie. The 2016 Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith apologised on BBC and said ‘I was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn’. Harriet Harman, who had previously said Corbyn was trying to ‘take Labour down with him’, today said ‘Jeremy Corbyn has to take the credit for [winning seats], because he was the leader and he’s gone forward’!

Indeed, many a brave soldier turns up after the battle… especially when those soldiers were shooting their own side! And it has to be said; The Labour Right were trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy and wanted to badly lose the General Election in order to launch yet another assault on Corbyn’s leadership and replace him with a pro-capitalist candidate like Yvette Cooper. For example, evidence suggests that Labour HQ were diverting resources away from pro-Corbyn candidates.

Some Blairites completely distanced themselves from Corbyn and the popular Labour manifesto, running their own individual campaign. Chuka Umunna opposed Labour’s commitment to leave the EU and seek favourable access to EU markets, and instead campaigned on the basis of retaining membership of the single market – in effect remaining within the economic bloc of the EU and thus retaining all the laws and conditions attached. This is a serious issue for socialists in the Labour Party because EU competition law prevents public services and utilities from being renationalised.

Umunna and Co know this and apparently have been behind the scenes trying to do pro- ‘soft’ Brexit deals with the Tories, a sort-of unofficial national alliance to save the bourgeoisie’s skin which I’ve previously covered. These Judas’s cannot be allowed back on the Shadow Cabinet as they will seek to sabotage Corbyn’s leadership once again.

To spell it out, the implementation of Labour’s radical policies is at odds with EU membership. Socialists need to support leaving the EU – not a Tory bankers’ Brexit, but a hard(-left) socialist Brexit that will allow us to implement a revolutionary programme of sweeping nationalisation of the major corporations and banks that dominate the economy and introduce workers’ control and management. We are for the abolition of the capitalist (single) market and the introduction of a democratic, dynamic and hi tech-driven plan of production and distribution to meet the needs and wants of the population. In short; Socialism.


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