By Aneurin Delmas In November 2016 the United States of America, the pre-eminent capitalist power on earth, went to the polls. The result has produced an outpouring of sentiment along the lines of ‘the end is nigh!’. Indeed, an uninformed observer wou... read more

By Bruce Wallace. Reproduced from Issue 2 of the journal (available to buy here) Marxist World is about to publish an abridged edition of Karl Marx’s Capital Volume I for workers interested in Marxism. This is a welcome project but how many readers will... read more

By Aneurin Delmas On Sunday 9th October the workers’ movement gathered in Altab Ali Park in East London in numbers of between 2,000 to 6,000. What prompted it? The celebration of the 80 year anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. Comrades reading t... read more

Being a Socialist Councillor, Steve Bush, reproduced from issue 2 of the journal I stood for election to my local District and Town Council last year. I had planned to stand again as a TUSC candidate as I had in the County Council Elections in 2013 when I... read more

By Steve Dobbs Many supporters of Marxist World are sympathetic to the politics of the Bolshevik and former Red Army leader Leon Trotsky. He opposed the Stalinist degeneration of “communism” that began in the fledgling workers’ state of ... read more