Following on from our endorsement of Ian Allinson for General Secretary of Unite the union, the Editorial Board of Marxist World has made a donation of £100 to Ian Allinson’s election campaign. We reiterate our support for Ian as the best candidate to take Unite forward as a fighting, open, democratic and member-led union.

We need Unite to:

  • take a strong and determined stand against anti-trade union legislation, both present and future, not to “make deals” with the Tories
  • support and, if applicable, widen industrial struggles when they occur – not settle for “best defeats”
  • recognise the current political situation as one of a crisis of profitability in the capitalist system. Disputes will become increasingly bitter as workers fight the capitalists over a dwindling surplus, and hence victories will not be won by simply “winning concessions” from the “greedy bosses”.
  • be an open and democratic member-led union, free from bureaucratic manoeuvring and secrecy
  • fight for a Labour government on a socialist programme of public ownership with workers’ control in order to achieve a secure future for the working class.
  • Reject support for the Trident nuclear missile system simply to “save jobs” – highly skilled workers can be retrained and redeployed for socially useful work, not propping up weapons of mass destruction
  • support all workers, both here and internationally, and not concede any ground to any agendas which aim to divide the working class. Nationalism is collaboration with the bosses!

For more information on Ian Allinson’s campaign go to The leaflet available there includes the following information on how to support him:

Election Process
Candidates must secure at least 50 nominations. Branches (including community and retired member branches) can nominate, as can workplaces where the branch covers more than one workplace. Nomination meetings must take place 16 Jan – 17 Feb. Voting takes place 27 March – 19 April. Read the rules for the election and campaigning, which are available via

How to support ian4unite
Ian doesn’t have the resources of the establishment candidates who are well-paid from members’ subs and have powerful backers. If you want things to change, please get involved. Get in touch via the “leave your details” form on, email or phone to offer whatever help you can.


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