The leadership battle in the Labour Party is the most crucial political battle for the working class in Britain today post Brexit. The steely determination and courage of Jeremy Corbyn has stopped the coup of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) in its tracks.

Corbyn’s inclusion on the ballot paper in the leadership election is a major victory as he has overwhelming support amongst party members and trade unions. The PLP traitors and their functionaries within the party realise that they face total defeat and are therefore prepared to sink to any depths and use any means to block a Corbyn victory. Already a legal writ has been applied for by a wealthy Labour donor in an attempt to get Corbyn’s name removed from the ballot paper.

Meanwhile, an extension of Project Fear is being waged in the capitalist media to excoriate Corbyn both personally and politically. A tragicomic parade of traitorous Labour MPs appear daily on TV denouncing alleged intimidation and violence from Corbyn’s supporters. The irony is that many of those denouncing intimidation and violence voted for the Iraq war!

This includes one of the leadership contenders, Angela Eagle. Not only did she vote for the Iraq war that led to the deaths of 179 British service personnel and up to a million innocent Iraqis, but she was also imposed on her Wallasey constituency as a candidate in 1992 by Neil Kinnock’s Labour regime as part of a purge of the Left.

The right wing of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has imposed a raft of restrictions on the right to vote for Corbyn in an attempt to gerrymander the result. Only members who have joined the party prior to 12th January will be allowed to vote. The 130,000 who have flooded into the party as £3 supporters since the Brexit vote and defeated PLP coup will be denied a vote. This transparently cynical ploy by the right wing is designed to undermine Corbyn’s support and chances of winning.

Instead, people can get a vote by signing up on-line for £25 within a small window of just 48 hours starting 5pm on Monday 18th July. This move by the NEC discriminates against the low waged, unemployed, students and the elderly and is an affront to democracy. Details of the Labour leadership election process can be found here.

Labour Party meetings have been suspended for the duration of the leadership campaign and Brighton CLP, one of the biggest in the country, has been suspended, and the outcome of its recent AGM − which elected a pro-Corbyn leadership− has been annulled.

Blairite PLP members are demanding that Momentum, the pro-Corbyn pressure group within the party,  is closed down and its members expelled. The Blairites are calling for a return to the good old days of witch hunts and expulsions. They have shown they are prepared to use any means to justify expelling Corbyn supporters. For example, members of South Shields CLP received a letter warning them that conduct like “eye rolling” and “dismissive body language” during meetings could see them facing suspension!

The media is full of the most outrageous slanders that Corbyn is an extreme left winger and Momentum are revolutionary entryists;  they publish phoney polls showing waning support for Corbyn. In truth, the ruling class is petrified of a Corbyn victory as it would give the working class a real voice in parliament.

The coup has been defeated. Now is the time to rally in support of Corbyn and destroy the Blairite cancer that has crippled our movement for 20 years. Marxist World Editorial Board pledges full support for Corbyn in this struggle.

  • Demand the NEC retract the ban on local party meetings
  • Demand that all party members get a vote – defend basic party democracy
  • Build support for Corbyn and join the Labour Party or secure a union vote
  • Deselect the traitorous Labour MPs
  • Victory to Jeremy Corbyn!
  • Fight for a socialist programme and a mass working class party!


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