Marxist World have decided to produce this abridged edition of Capital Volume I to bring Marx’s Magnum Opus to a new audience interested in socialism and Marxist ideas. By reducing it down from around 800 pages to 167 pages, we hope the task of grasping at least the basic concepts in Capital will be less daunting. We believe this to be essential to understand the capitalist world we live in today, which is also the basis for changing it.

We want to promote this abridged edition as the basis for Capital reading groups across the country. For example, an 8 week course with 20 pages covered per week seems a reasonable pace. Over the coming months we will be producing material to aid Capital reading groups using this edition.

This edition is based on Otto Ruhle’s abridgement, which was originally released under Leon Trotsky’s name as The Living Thoughts of Karl Marx published in 1939. Several chapters were missing, so abridged versions of these have been included. The part and chapter numbers have been renumbered so that they align with the original English edition translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling and edited by Frederick Engels. Additionally, some chapters have been further supplemented with material from the original English edition.

It is available to order now for £4.00 plus postage here, and will be available for sale at our public meeting on Saturday 25th June.



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