Below is a message of support and solidarity from the Editorial Board of Marxist World sent to Paul Murphy TD, the Anti-Austerity Alliance elected representative for Dublin South-West, Ireland:

The Editorial Board of Marxist World and our supporters condemn the jailing of a 16 year old juvenile for simply asserting his right to protest against the savage austerity of the current Irish government and Deputy Prime Minister Joan Burton, one of the most senior and active directors of the massive cuts agenda that has swept across Ireland in the last 8 or so years.

We also wish to express our full solidarity with the activists who are currently before the courts, including Paul Murphy TD, for participating in the Jobstown protest. Why were none of the bankers, the very people who helped bring Ireland to its knees, sent to jail? This is yet another example of how there is one rule for big business and the rich, and another for the rest of us.

Be it the Hillsborough disaster, Orgreave in Nottinghamshire or the Jobstown protest in Dublin, the Editorial Board and supporters of Marxist World are well aware of the tools the state uses to try and crack down on all forms of dissent that threaten its rule.

We therefore demand the release of the 16 year old who was jailed, and call for all the charges on the other activists to be dropped, and the case against them closed forthwith.


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